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Running a design sprint for a global bank

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Design Sprint
We planned and facilitated a week-long design sprint for a bank, to develop their ideas into testable prototypes

In summary:

A world-renowned banking corporation (under NDA) based in London, UK and Hong Kong, China.
Help the team to quickly build on some initial ideas to support the bank’s SME customer strategy in China, using emerging technologies.
1 week of facilitated workshops hosted in Hong Kong, China.
UX consultant (me), design thinking coach, 3x client experts, client innovation sponsor.
2x concept storyboards, 2x paper prototypes, 2x high-fidelity interactive prototypes.

Our approach

  • We facilitated a week-long Design Sprint (as made famous by Google Ventures) to rapidly understand the problem, create ideas, prototype and test with real users.
  • I love this methodology as it forces teams to be super visual, sketching ideas out on paper, developing concepts into storyboards and avoiding lengthy documentation.
Google Ventures' Design Sprint process

Our solutions

  • We created a high-level storyboard for our persona on paper. I digitised it and presented back to the group as a tool to help explain our idea to others
  • We dived into the detail of our product, sketching out wireframes on paper, then digitising using Sketch and Affinity Designer. To speed things up, we used assets from the bank’s design system where possible, creating new components only where necessary
  • Using InVision, we linked up our mockups to match the flow of our storyboard, generating a prototype that we could test out with real customers
  • We tested the idea with a handful of stakeholders to validate our assumptions and identify early usability issues. The client team played an active role, taking notes, then we affinity-mapped the findings to spot common trends
  • We finished the week by making final tweaks to the prototype based on the feedback and presenting all our concepts to a wider client audience

The outcomes

  • In the space of 1 week, we were able to explore, design and test 4 new concepts for the bank's small to medium business customers
  • The Design Sprint methodology provided an intensive period of focus, avoiding the distraction of day-to-day roles
  • These four ideas were evaluated, and one was taken forward to be developed for use with customers
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